Conductive 3D Tool Setter with the conductive electrical path from the body to the Top plate. LED indicator lights are used to show the trigger state of the probe.

Basic configuration:

The standard: TS-50

Magnetic base for horizontal usage

A battery, model: CR2032


Applicable equipment and working condition:

Suitable for various specifications of machine centers, CNC boring and milling machines, and drilling-tapping machine centers, etc

Suitable for checking workpieces of all kinds of solid materials.


Setting Tool and workpiece coordinate system and machining zero points manually before processing

Detect and control the key dimensions, position coordinates, and their precision manually between two processes

Detect the precision of the key dimensions, shapes, position after processing.

Technical Parameters:

Stylus sensing direction: ±X, ±Y, +Z

Stylus sensing over-travel: X-Y±15°, Z +5 mm

The trigger force in Z direction: 0.1 g

Trigger force in X-Y surface( standard stylus ) : 0.1g

Unidirectional repeatability(2σ): ≤ 5 μm

Input voltage is 3±10% V DC and the output load current is 50 mA

Why Our Tool setter?

  • 1-year replacement warranty

  • Once set, No setting required for 1000 actuation

  • No Rotation needed since 3D

  • X Y Z 5mm Over travel protection

  • Probes serviceable in case of damage

Toolsetter catalog.

Drawing design.

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setter cat 1.jpg