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Key highlights of our products

Our machine tool probes are very fast, accurate, highly durable and help in productivity increase by 10% to 40% depending on the production run of the machine tools.

We are the only company in India who provide 1 year warranty, 30 days money back guarantee and service of up to 5 years from date of purchase.


3D Datum Finder probes

3D Datum finders help to take:

  • One sec measurement

  • Datum & job reference

  • Drill diameter

  • Mill drill depth

  • Curvature references

tool setter 2.jpg

3D tool setter

3D Tool setters help measure:

  • Datum reference

  • Tooltip reference

  • Job reference

  • Tool tip breakage


Manleo Mref

A Free App for machinist available for all machinists for taking easy reference



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Engineering Plans

Auto Datum Finder - Cable

Same Datum Finder with CNC interface cable connector

Coming Soon

Auto Tool Setter - Cable

Same Tool Setter with CNC interface cable connector with 4 screw concentricity adjuster

COMing soon

Dial Tool Setter

Adjustable Dial Tool Setter for machinist who like dials

COMing soon
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//t the user for the required inputs var costOfProbe = parseFloat(prompt("Enter the cost of the probe:")); var costSavingsPerHour = parseFloat(prompt("Enter the cost savings per hour:")); var hoursSavedPerWeek = parseFloat(prompt("Enter the number of hours saved per week:")); var weeksPerYear = parseFloat(prompt("Enter the number of weeks the machine is in use per year:")); // Calculate the ROI var annualCostSavings = costSavingsPerHour * hoursSavedPerWeek * weeksPerYear; var roi = (annualCostSavings / costOfProbe) * 100; // Display the results document.write("By using a probe, you can save $" + annualCostSavings + " per year."); document.write("Your ROI for purchasing the probe is " + roi + "%.");