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Our Mission

To improve quality of precision machine tools, while making it safer, easier for Operators and delivering higher profitability for organization.

Our Mission

“We will build precision probes for the great magnitude. It will be durable enough to last a decade, but easy enough for individuals to run and maintain it. It will be designed and constructed with the best materials, by the best engineers to be hired, after the simplest designs that modern engineering can devise. But it will be so affordable in price that no company owner making good machining will be unable to own one - and enjoy with his people in shop floor the saving and blessings of hours of productive time and money for the greater good of manufacturing eco-system”

manleo meaning

manleo meaning

In Hindu Mythology scriptures, Narasimha, who incarnates in the form of part lion and part man to destroy evil and restores dharma. We wanted a aesthetic business name integrating traditional values. Manleo stands by destroying manufacturing inaccuracies and restoring productivity to our customers. Hence the name MAN LEO

our founder


Raghavendra Bhat N [1953 - 2006] was born in Kaniyor village, 100Kms away from Mangalore. He completed his B.E mechanical degree in Suratkal in 1975 and joined Kirloskar, Harihar as a Design Engineer. Later he moved to Larsen and Tourbo [ LNT].
In the 1990's, a growing trend in computer-controlled machining centers started establishing in India. Slowly India was moving toward an Automation and High accuracy machining requirements. He observed high requirements for measuring tools, particularly sophisticated probes. Early 1990's with his innovative and design strength, he started working on prototypes of datum finder. After his initial business venture, he wanted to prove the world about his technical knowledge and greatly benefitted our Indian business. He had a goal in mind - To develop a fully indigenous probe, zero servicing, and equivalent or more accurate than competing imported probe at a very competitive price.



Abhijith Bhat

Chief designer of Manleo products and Business development, with 15 years of MNC IT experience handling complex processes and AI expertise


Rashmi Gururaj

professional with over 17 years of experience across various industries, handling Sales & strategy, Financial planning & Marketing. 

Social responsibility


We believe that giving internship to students to work on our projects give real world exposure to development of problem solving skills. We have till now trained more than 40+ students in Mechnical and Electronics R&D and App development. 

Manleo internship certificate attests that people have worked in the project/skills mentioned ground up and you can reach out to us in case of validation. 

legal and affliations

GST number - 29AAVCA2122R1ZZ

IEC number(Import Exporter Certificate) - AAVCA2122R



Tools and Die Mould Association, TAGMA, INDIA

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