3D Datum finder probe

Started in 1998, Based in Bangalore we are India 's only company who design and build precision machine tool probes.


Our Probes are useful in measurement of

  1. Component References

    1. Side

    2. Bore

    3. External Diameter

  2. Linear dimensions in X,Y,Z axes

  3. Backlash in Machine tool slides

  4. Tool length offsets


  1. Our probes are used by more than 150 companies throughout India .

  2. We are OEM suppliers for 2 prominent CNC machine manufacturers.

  3. 60% of our orders are repeat customers

  4. Average life of probes is more than 5 years

Why Our 3D Datum Finder?

  • 1 year replacement warranty

  • Once set, No concentricity setting required for 1000 actuations

  • No Rotation needed since 3D

  • X Y Z 10mm Over travel protection

  • Probes serviceable in case of damage

  • 100’s of satisfied and repeat customers

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Frequently asked questions

Are products serviceable? Are spares easily available?

Yes, our products are serviceable and spares are easily available (example – stylus, battery etc). Typically within 2 days SLA and 5-15 days SLA depending upon damage caused to body and internals.

What is the average life of the product?

Average life of our products is 5 years, and based on customer feedback from several customers, they are able to easily use it for 10+ years as well.

What is the material used?

We use high quality SS 304 and Aluminium alloyes. All materials are engineered for long term use and fit for purpose.

Are there any prerequisites for Product to work?

Our products work on conductivity principle and hence this needs to hold good for product to work. Your VMC Spindle and Table needs to be grounded for the probe to work.

Is any training needed to use the product?

The products are designed for ease of use and hence need little to less training. User manual that will be sent along with product and these are enough to get going.

Are there any maintenance protocols to be followed for upkeep

Coolant is to be kept away or wiped off product before use, inside of spindle to be kept clean for accurate measurements. We recommend stylus to be changed once in 6 months and send the product for service after a year to ensure maximum benefits and consistency. Concentricity settings at periodic intervals is to be done and if used in multiple machines, we will guide you on the same.

Do you supply anywhere in India/ outside?

Yes, we cater to anywhere in India and Outside. Standard shipping timelines and charges will apply.

If I need price of your product, how can we get that info?

Please write to us at sales@manleo.com and we will revert.

Does your product come with any guarantee or warranty?

Yes, our probes come with 30 days money back guarantee subject to only light wear/tear and does not qualify in case of damage. Our products also come with 1 year warranty.

Is it a Automatic?

Manleo 3D datum finder is a manual conductive touch probe and operator need to watch for light indicator (& optional buzzer) from the datum finder

Can Manleo probe be used when variables are not enabled in cnc machine?

Since Manleo Probe is manual and without CNC interface, if while buying machine, MTB has not enabled Probing cycle variable in your machine also you can use our probe unlike fully automatic Probes that will not function without variables being enabled. MTBs charge anywhere between 3 lakhs to 12 lakhs for variable to be enabled in machine.

Which tools can be used, which cannot be used?

Tool to be used - HSS, Carbide tools Tools which cannot be used - Diamond tools, Non conductive tools and coating(Test the tools manually for conductivity before usage)

What happens if i break the top plate

The top plate can be replaced manually by user. The cost of Top plate is 1500Rs

What are advantages of using Manleo Probes?

Manleo probes are known for their Rigidity which makes them highly durable, easy to use by operators. The over travel protection is above average compared to any other make and hence takes a lot to be able to damage the probe. Example some customers say in case of a few imported versions of Probe, air blown can cause stylus to break.

What are some of the main functions for which Manleo probe can be used?

Our Probe is mainly used to measure X, Y, Z axes, taking centre quickly and accurately. For more details visit our products page, you can even download catalog & drawings here >> https://www.manleo.com/probe

Do we need to buy holder separately?

No, our standard probes come along with holder. We support all standard holders like BT, HSK, SK, CAT. However, we also have option of buying probe without holder and only the shank.

What are the shank sizes that you support?

Please write to sales@manleo and we will provide you the details