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3D Datum finder probe

9000 probes sold to 950+ customers from 1998 with 90% of them still working.

Our Probes are useful in measurement of

  1. Component References

    1. Side

    2. Bore

    3. External Diameter

  2. Linear dimensions in X,Y,Z axes


  1. Our probes are used by more than 850 companies throughout India .

  2. We are OEM suppliers for 4 prominent CNC machine manufacturers.

  3. 60% of our orders are repeat customers

  4. Average life of probes is more than 15 years

Why Our 3D Datum Finder?

  • 1 year replacement warranty

  • Once set, No concentricity setting required for 1000 actuations

  • No Rotation needed since 3D

  • X Y Z 10mm Over travel protection

  • Probes serviceable in case of damage

Have a look at product's catalog.

Have a look at our great design.

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Customer testimonials
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  • How is it different from a mechanical edge finder?
    This is a 3D probe
  • What is the benefit of using Probe vs conventional methods?
    You can achieve about 70% more productivity by lessening the setting time and do post machine inspections before removing it
  • Does Manleo 3D Datum finder probe have cnc interface?
    No. Currently its a mechanical 3D Datum finder probe with light and buzzer indicators which trigger on touching metalic surfaces. We are working on wired and wireless probes.
  • Does Manleo probe work on all types of materials and machines?
    No, It is a conductive probe and works on conductivity between the spindle and work table. It can only trigger on metallic surfaces like Steel, Copper, aluminium and Alloys
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