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First time in India, Fully Automatic Non-Conductive 3D Tool Setter. Any material including non-conductive tips like Diamond, Oxidized coated tips can be used to get accurate length offsets. Built for Harsh working conditions to withstand day-to-day abuses. 

Technical Configuration:

The standard: Opto-Z

Large 48mm Top plate to take large milling cutters length without rotating the tool to avoid 1/5 chances of tip chip breakage

20mm Base plate for Bed clamping and leveling

10 meters 0.25sq 4 core wire cable with 2 meters Steel braided conduit.


Applicable equipment and working condition:

Suitable for various specifications of machine centers, CNC boring and milling machines, and drilling-tapping machine centers, etc

Suitable for checking workpieces of all kinds of solid materials.


Setting Tool and workpiece coordinate system and machining zero points Automatically before processing

Detect and control tool breakages between two processes

Detect the precision of the key dimensions, shapes, position after processing.

Technical Parameters:

Stylus sensing direction:+Z

Stylus sensing over-travel: Z -5 mm

The trigger force in Z direction: 4N

Unidirectional repeatability(2σ): ≤ 10 μm

Input voltage is 24±10% V DC and the output Skip Voltage of 24V

Controllers - Siemens, Fanuc, Mitsubishi, (Under Development - Maztrol, Heidenhain, Okuma, Winmax)

Why Our Opto-Z Auto Tool setter?

  • 1-year replacement warranty

  • Once set, No setting required for 1000 actuation

  • Z 5mm Over travel protection

  • Probes serviceable in case of damage

Opto-Z Auto Toolsetter catalog

Drawing design


Opto-Z Wirelessfor hmc and pallet changers

Opto-zoom for restrictive workspace

  • How is it different from a mechanical edge finder?
    This is a 3D probe
  • What is the benefit of using Probe vs conventional methods?
    You can achieve about 70% more productivity by lessening the setting time and do post machine inspections before removing it
  • Does Manleo 3D Datum finder probe have cnc interface?
    No. Currently its a mechanical 3D Datum finder probe with light and buzzer indicators which trigger on touching metalic surfaces. We are working on wired and wireless probes.
  • Does Manleo probe work on all types of materials and machines?
    No, It is a conductive probe and works on conductivity between the spindle and work table. It can only trigger on metallic surfaces like Steel, Copper, aluminium and Alloys
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