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This App was inspired by watching a very young operator of economically weaker section of society, still operating VMC in India. The aim of the app is to take datum references easily.

"We would love to hear your more from your machinist on what you would like to feature in this app. This is for you"

Download our amazing android application - Manleo MReF


This is a alpha version of the app which has:

1. Distance between two points
2. Slope between two points
3. Circle Radius and Center points
4. Concentric center point difference between two circles
5. To find Job levelness by touching multiple points

Salient points:
a. You need to have manleo probes to use this app, any edge finder readings will do.
b. This app is built with machinist who have minimal mathematics skills, or who does not want to use paper and pen seeing DRO or CNC screen, Rather use the mobile to take readings
c. Custom Stylus(Probes) Diameter can be set
d. Last 100 calculation are recorded for easy historical reference

In future we are add these features:1. Finding angle difference between 2 lines2. Finding angle difference between 2 planes3. Curvature reference4. Finding drilling co-ordinates in 2D for PCD5. Finding drilling co-ordinates in 2D for PCD with offset angle6. Profile touch and send it to excel7. Angle between 2 circles and plane line

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