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3D First operation probe - Wired(WIP)

First Made In India, Kinematic 3D probe with operator friendly rotatable, removable magnetic wired Automatic probe for VMC machines for datum referencing during Rough machining. 


Our Probes are useful in measurement of

  1. Component References

    1. Sides - X Y Z

    2. Bore, Boss

    3. Rectangle center, Pocket center

  2. Linear dimensions in X,Y,Z axes

  3. Poka-Yoke of parts placed in Fixture placement.


  1. Our probes are used by more than 150 companies throughout India .

  2. We are OEM suppliers for 2 prominent CNC machine manufacturers.

  3. 60% of our orders are repeat customers

  4. Average life of probes is more than 5 years

Why Our 3D Datum Finder?

  • 1 year replacement warranty

  • Once set, No concentricity setting required for 1000 actuations

  • No Rotation needed since 3D

  • X Y Z 10mm Over travel protection

  • Probes serviceable in case of damage

  • 100’s of satisfied and repeat customers

Have a look at product's catalog.

Have a look at our great design.




2. SETTING TIME ROI Calculator

3. Probe Investment ROI Calculator

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//t the user for the required inputs var costOfProbe = parseFloat(prompt("Enter the cost of the probe:")); var costSavingsPerHour = parseFloat(prompt("Enter the cost savings per hour:")); var hoursSavedPerWeek = parseFloat(prompt("Enter the number of hours saved per week:")); var weeksPerYear = parseFloat(prompt("Enter the number of weeks the machine is in use per year:")); // Calculate the ROI var annualCostSavings = costSavingsPerHour * hoursSavedPerWeek * weeksPerYear; var roi = (annualCostSavings / costOfProbe) * 100; // Display the results document.write("By using a probe, you can save $" + annualCostSavings + " per year."); document.write("Your ROI for purchasing the probe is " + roi + "%.");