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Manleo 3D Datum finder with CAT series Shank. 


Applicable equipment and working condition:

Suitable for various specifications of machine centers, CNC boring and milling machines, and drilling-tapping machine centers, etc;

Suitable for checking work pieces of all kinds of solid metal materials.



Setting Job.

Measuring Datum Job references

Jig references

Detect and control the key dimensions, position coordinates and their precision manually between two processes.

Detect precision of the key dimensions, shapes, position after processing.


CAT 40 - Immediate Shipment

CAT 20, CAT 30, CAT 50 - 2 weeks SLA

3D Datum Finder with CAT Series Shank

  • Technical Parameters:

    Stylus sensing direction: ±X, ±Y, +Z

    Stylus sensing over-travel : X-Y±15°, Z +10 mm

    Stylus length: 50mm with 6mm SS ball

    The trigger force in Z direction: 0.1 g

    Trigger force in X-Y surface( standard stylus ) : 0.1g

    Unidirectional repeatability(2σ): ≤ 5 μm;

    Input voltage is 6/9±10% V DC and output load current is 50 mA.


    Technical Characteristics:

    Conductive probe with conductive electrical path from body to the stylus. By adjusting the connecting screws between the main body and plate the tool setter height can be adjusted (the factory precision: ≤5 μm);

    LED indicator lights are used to show the trigger state of the probe.

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